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Besides giving the best category (note: best means best among available choices only), dbacl can measure how sure it is of being right. Try this:

% dbacl -c one -c two sample3.txt -U
one # 100%
In this case dbacl is very sure. If the percentage was zero, then it would mean that there is another equally likely category. Try this:
% dbacl -c one -c two -c one sample3.txt -U
one # 0%
Obviously we've repeated the category one but dbacl treats them separately. dbacl can also print other measures of certainty besides the -U switch, but they take longer to explain.

You can create as many categories as you want, one, two, three, good, bad, important, jokes, but remember that each one must be learned from a representative collection of plain text documents.

dbacl is designed to be easy to use within a script, so you can make it part of your own projects, perhaps a spam detection script, or an agent which automatically downloads the latest newspaper articles on your favourite topic...

Tip: The category files are created in the current directory, or whichever path you indicate. If you want, you can keep all your category files in a single common directory. For example, if you use the bash shell, type

% mkdir $HOME/.dbacl
% echo "DBACL_PATH=$HOME/.dbacl" >> $HOME/.bashrc
% source $HOME/.bashrc
From now on, all your categories will be kept in $HOME/.dbacl, and searched for there.
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contents introduction tutorial spam fun man related