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Spam filtering software

The classification engine in dbacl(1) uses the Maximum Entropy principle.

At the time of writing, there are several other free Bayesian junk email filters. Some are specialized for junk mail only, others do more general classification. Some use the "Naive Bayes" assumption of Learning Theory, others use more ad-hoc methods. The following list is neither complete nor authoritative. Suggestions and additions are welcome.

Ad-hoc classifiers

The following classifiers are based on an influential essay by Paul Graham (or at least started out that way). Strictly speaking, they don't appear to actally implement Bayesian Statistics, but can still perform quite well.

Naive Bayesian classifiers

The following classifiers treat tokens (generally single words) independently according to an actual Bayesian model.

  • ifile - (multiple categories)
  • POPFile - (multiple categories)
  • Select - (multiple categories, multiple algorithms)
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contents introduction tutorial spam fun man related